Carve your own trail

There is nothing more satisfying than to work up a big appetite before breakfast. And what a better way to do it, than with a trail run. You might know that no trail is the same, each with it’s own unique terrain and challenges. Lodge12 offers a variety of rough, yet undefined trails, and while you’re at it, we invite you to carve your own.

On my recent trip to Lodge12, up in Mozambique I took the time to explore The Sanctuary. Each run was about 7km (fitness dependent) in total.

In summary there are three “types” of trails available, or if you’re looking for a little more, you could combine them all into one. The first being a beach run. Quite challenging running on sand, especially when it’s so soft. It’s quite similar to snow actually, as you lose your shoe into the sand with each step. Knowing the tides while out on trail is vital, as they shift quite substantially. Should you not be au fait with tidal movements, you could simply confirm with Simeao, our skipper, and he’ll advise whether the tides will be right for a run on the beach otherwise you’d have to explore and carve your own trail elsewhere.

In the same breath, a run through the mangroves, also requires some tidal knowledge as they too, flood twice a day. This route, is always exciting as you are bound to see different types of creatures during your run, from Fiddler Crabs to Eland. Be careful not to step on any of the little creatures or the Mangrove roots themselves. Stepping on the roots, will end the life of a Mangrove tree. One of the guests at Lodge12 had an enthralling experience, albeit a bit scary, when one of the younger bulls decided to take an interest and followed her for a few meters. As quickly as her panic arose it soon passed as they were treated to a pair of Pelicans & two of their chicks sitting on the beach where the mangroves meet the sea.

The third, and most popular route option is a bush trail, following foot paths through the undulating landscape behind the beach villa. Distance up to your own discretion, as you choose where you’d venture. You’re bound to pass a watering hole which is periodically inundated with activity, showcasing a wide variety of antelope, birds and insects. Before you know it, you’ll be grumbling for Jerry’s breakfast spread.

Bon appé-trail

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